News Of The World Single from over the world

We Are the Champions” released 7 October 1977 in the UK as the first single where it reached number 2. In the US it reached number 4. According to Freddie Mercury, “We Are the Champions” had already been written in 1975 but it was not recorded until 1977. “We Are the Champions” was the first promotional video for which fan club members were invited to participate in the filming. The video was filmed at the New London Theatre on 6 October 1977. Everyone received a free single of “We Are the Champions”, a day before the single was released and Queen did a free concert after the shoot.

Spread Your Wings” followed as the second single from the album. Released in the UK on 10 February 1978, it reached number 34.- The song was written by bassist John Deacon. The piano is played by Mercury, although Deacon mimes it in the music video. The video was filmed at Taylor’s house at that time in his backyard, when the weather was freezing, and the band were performing in the snow. Mercury can be seen wearing star-shaped sunglasses in the video. May is seen playing a copy of his Red Special due to the cold weather conditions. Also, Taylor can be seen singing in the video despite the fact that there are no backing vocals in the song. It was the first Queen single without backing vocals.

It’s Late” is the last single from the album and was only released as a single in the US, Canada, Japan and New Zealand in 1978. Only reached number 74 in the US, failing to chart everywhere else. Written by May, was the author’s idea of treating a song as a three-act theatrical play. It makes use of the tapping technique before Eddie Van Halen of American rock band Van Halen made the technique widely known.