“Mustapha” is a song written by Freddie Mercury and recorded by Queen in 1978. It is the first track of the album Jazz, categorized as “an up-tempo Arabic rocker” by Circus Magazine.

“Mustapha” was released as a single in Germany, Spain, Yugoslavia and Bolivia in April, 1979. The B side of the single was “Dead On Time” for German and Spanish releases and “In Only Seven Days” for Yugoslavian and Bolivian releases. Also, all four versions had different covers.

The composition’s lyrics are in English, Arabic and an Arabic-emulating gibberish. In live performances, Mercury would often sing the opening vocals of “Mustapha” in place of the complex introduction to “Bohemian Rhapsody”, going from “Allah we’ll pray for you” to “Mama, just killed a man…”. Sometimes the band performed an almost full version of the song from the “Crazy Tour” in late 1979 to “The Game Tour” in 1980, with Mercury at the piano. They dropped the second verse and went from the first chorus to the third. Also notable is that the song was often requested by the audience, as can be heard on “Live Killers”.

Country Format Catalogue Comment
Germany 7″ PS EMI 1C 006 62714 unique sleeve
Spain 7″ PS EMI 10C 006 062714 unique sleeve
Bolivia 7″ PS EMI BO-1253 unique sleeve
Yugoslavia 7″ PS Jugoton SEMI-89000 unique sleeve, mispressed
B side plays “Dreamer’s Ball”
Yugoslavia 7″ PS Jugoton SEMI-89000 unique sleeve
United States 7″ acetate, one-sided

GERMANY: standard release.
PS. I’ll try to show you all! :) If something missing or wrong, please contact me at alessandro.carugini@libero.itMustapha GERMANY: standard release

SPAIN, BOLIVIA, YUGOSLAVIA: commercial release.
SPAIN, BOLIVIA, YUGOSLAVIA: commercial release