Liar is written by the lead singer Freddie Mercury in 1970, and originally titled “Lover”. The song featured on the band’s 1973 debut album Queen and it makes prominent use of the flanging effect, especially on the drums and cowbell. A heavily truncated version of “Liar” was released as a single – backed with “Doing All Right” – in the United States by Elektra Records and in Thailand by Royal Sound in February 1974. The music video consisted of the band miming to the song on a sound stage.

In the band’s early years, “Liar” was a concert staple, performed as a conclusion to their main set and often lasting for up to ten minutes. “Liar” would start to be played scarcely by The News of the World Tour, to being dropped from the setlist for the Jazz Tour. However, starting with the Crazy Tour. The song begins to be performed scarcely again. By the Game Tour, the song was no longer included in the setlist. The song was revived for a few shows in the European leg of the 1982 Hot Space Tour and rumored to have being played once in the North American leg on that very same tour. The song would be revived again in the Works Tour (though the song was cut down to three minutes or less). “Liar” was referenced in the setlist of the Magic Tour, as Brian May played a partial guitar riff from the song immediately before “Tear it Up”.The song also contains a bass solo performed by John Deacon, the most substantial solo he ever performed live.

As confirmed by the transcription on EMI Music Publishing’s Off The Record sheet music for the song, this is one of three Queen tracks, the others being “Now I’m Here” and “Under Pressure” (their collaboration originally with David Bowie), to feature a Hammond organ.

Country Format Catalogue Comment
United States 7″ Elektra EK-45884
New Zealand 7″ Elektra EKM-45884
United States 7″ Elektra EK-45884 mono/stereo promo
Thailand 7″ PS TKR 157 EP with 3 other artists

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USA, New Zealand, Thailand
USA, New Zealand, Thailand